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Four Reasons To Get Tires From A Salvage Yard

by Cherly Fowler

If you need new tires, including snow tires or a specialty tire set, you know how expensive these can be. Purchasing a set of tires will often require planning for people who are lower cost budgets. If you need a new set of tires and you are not sure that you can afford them from a store or tire shop, an auto salvage yard is a great option. Here are four reasons why you should go to an auto salvage yard for tires. 

Newer cars may have newer tires

If a newer car was totaled as a result of being rear-ended or another accident that was not due to faulty breaks or tires, they may actually have fairly new tires on their vehicle. If you have a standard vehicle type, such as a commonly found coupe, sedan, SUV, or mini-van, you may be able to find cars on the lot that use the same tires as yours. If you can find a new car, or a car that was totaled and sent to a junkyard while new, you may be able to remove and use these tires long term for a lower cost than new tires from the store. 

Tires are easier to remove

Removing and changing the tire of a car can take a few minutes or less. Even if you are not relatively handy, you and a friend will be able to take a few tools, including a jack and a lug wrench, in order to get the tires that you need. Tires can also be hauled in the trunk of a car easily, so that you can change your car tires once you get home or to a mechanics shop. 

You can search for four good tires

If you are only able to find one excellent tire per car, you still have the option of finding a good set. Searching around for cars that are in good condition or are newer may take some looking around. Even if you find a car that matches the tires you need and only the tires on one side are good, you have the option to look at further cars to find the rest of the tires. Instead of having to search around for one specific tire set that matches your price at a store, you get to find four good tires through more work, not more money. 

Cost works for all budgets

Driving with tires that are going out or wearing down is unsafe. If you are on a low budget, finding a salvage yard, like Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc, that has good tires available for a low cost can make driving on the road safer. Finding tires with lots of life for a fraction of the cost won't be a strain on most car maintenance budgets.