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Learn How A Professional Installs Ladder Racks On A Work Van

by Cherly Fowler

If you work a job that requires you to be able to carry a lot of equipment with you in order to accomplish the tasks you need to accomplish throughout the day, consider having ladder racks installed on the roof of a work van. The racks allow you to carry large or small ladders, as well as long pieces of wood or piping that you may need to do a job. It is important to have professionals install the ladder racks for you to ensure that they are installed properly. The guide below walks you through the process automotive professionals will take to install a set of ladder racks on your van.

You First Need to Purchase the Ladder Racks

The first thing you need to do is to purchase the ladder racks that you want the technicians to install on your van. Ladder racks are made in all different sizes so you want to be sure that you take the time to purchase the set that is designed for use on a van, not on the bed of a truck. The racks for vans are shorter than the ones that are made for trucks because they are designed to still allow you to be able to pass under overpasses without having to remove the racks from the van.

The Technicians Will Measure and Mark the Top of the Van

Once you have purchased the ladder racks, the technicians will measure and mark the top of the van to indicate where holes need to be drilled for the bolts that keep the ladder racks in place to be positioned. These marks need to be very precise because once the holes are drilled, there is no going back.

Drill the Holes in the Roof

Next, the technicians, like those at DOBBIN AUTO BODY, will use a drill with a large drill bit to drill through the top of the van. He or she will need to keep the drill secure and level when drilling so that the hole is as straight at it can be. He or she will then repeat the process with the rest of the marks that were made on the roof of the van.

Install the Ladder Racks

Finally, the ladder racks will be put into place and the bolts will be stuck through the holes that the technician created. The bolts will be tightened and then the ladder racks will be ready to use.

Ladder racks are designed to carry a specific amount of weight. Be sure not to exceed that weight or it could cause the bars of your racks to bend or break.