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Five Things To Keep In Mind When You Have Your Holding Tank Flushed Out

by Cherly Fowler

Keeping an eye on the level of black water and gray water in your RV unit's holding tank is important as you travel. You'll need to empty your tank out regularly to keep your plumbing system functioning properly and to avoid mishaps.

The following are five important things to remember when you flush out your holding tank that will make the task easier:

Travel with a kit with all the necessary equipment

You won't be able to flush out your holding tank if you don't have the equipment you need along with you on your trip. A kit for maintaining your holding tank should include hoses for the black water and gray water tanks, a flush hose, a pair of rubber gloves, sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes. 

Make sure the dump valves are closed before you do anything else

Closing the dump valves on your holding tank will make the job of flushing your holding tank out cleaner. When you close the dump valves, you ensure that waste water won't accumulate at your tank's cap and create a mess when you're opening it to hook up the hose that will connect with the sewer connection.

Flush out your black water tank before you flush out the gray water tank

It's more convenient to flush out your black water tank before you flush out your gray water tank. Gray water is much cleaner and will help to wash down the solid waste in your black water tank. Flushing out the gray water after the black water will also make it easier to clean off your dump hose once you've finished the job. 

Put a cleaning solution down your tanks when cleaning them out

One of the most important steps in flushing out your tanks is sanitizing them with a cleaning solution. This is important because it both keeps your RV clean and helps prevent unpleasant odors from developing as your holding tank fills up. 

The best type of cleaner for a holding tank is an enzyme cleaner. This type of cleaner will leave enzymes in the tank that can eat away at solid matter as the tank fills. 

Never drag your hose along the ground when taking it to the sewer connection

When you're cleaning out your holding tank, you'll have to connect your tank to your RV site's sewer connection. It's very important that you avoid dragging your hose along the ground. Remember that a leak in this hose could cause dirty black water to get on the RV site grounds and cause an enormous mess.

Not only should you never drag your hose connection along the ground, but you should also visually inspect it with every use to make sure that no punctures have developed. 

For more information or assistance with flushing out a holding tank, contact a RV repair service center, such as DC’s RV Center.