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4 RV Features Ideal For Small Dogs

by Cherly Fowler

Traveling with small dogs is a great way to add an extra companion on the trip. Instead of just putting the dog in an RV and hitting road, there are many factors you need to consider. Small dogs have a much different lifestyle than humans. It's important to consider all of these factors when shopping for RVs. As you plan out RV road trips and other vacations, there are four specific features that can cater to a small dog. Each one will help you take care of the dog and make the trip go smoothly.

Pull-Out Beds

For many small dogs, it's hard for them to jump or climb onto areas inside of an RV. Instead of making them struggle or putting extra pressure on their back, you can purchase an RV that includes a pull-out bed. These beds are level to the floor and feature a platform style design. If your dog enjoys sleeping with a human, it allows you both to share the same bed space. As an alternative, you can also look for RVs with conversion beds that lay close to the floor. For example, there may be an RV table that can fold down and convert to a low bed using the table cushions.

Entry Ramps

For many RVs, getting inside requires steep steps. These small step areas may be hard for your dog to climb on. If this is the case, then you can look for RVs with entry ramp options. Instead of the steps, the ramp can slide out and lock into position on the RV. While you're at a campsite or another location, your dog can easily enter and exit the RV as needed. If you find an RV that you love without an entry ramp, an RV dealer may be able to have it installed for you.

Automated Window Blinds

There may be some cases where the dog must stay inside of the RV alone for limited amounts of time. If this is the case, then you can help reduce the heat inside by choosing an RV with automated window blinds. With a push of a button, blinds can come down to block out the RV windows and windshield. This can provide nice shade for your animal and keep the Rv as cool as possible.

Exterior Kitchen

Whether it's dry food or canned food, dog food can create quite a smell while feeding. Instead of feeding your small dog inside of the RV, you can store food and easily feed it outside with an exterior kitchen. These kitchens open up on the outside of the RV and feature storage compartments for dog food along with space for items like a can opener.

Explain your dog situation to an RV dealer while shopping. This can help them showcase specific models and designs that fit your needs. For more information, contact Service Van Equipment & RV Specialists or a similar company.