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Auto Air Conditioning Woes: Why Is Your A/C Blowing Warm Air?

by Cherly Fowler

Air conditioning is a luxury a lot of us would be miserable without. When it's a hot day and your AC starts to blow hot air into your car, it is normal to want to understand why this is happening.

Could It Be The Fan?

One reason your AC is blowing hot air could be a broken cooling fan. The refrigerant can only efficiently perform its job as long as it has air passing over it. This is done by a fan which runs on a fuse. If the fuse is broken the fan won't run. You can check to see if the fan has stopped running inside the unit, but be careful not to get hurt if the fan is still on and moving. A mechanic would be able to determine if the issue is the fuse and replace it with a new one for you.

Could It Be The Condenser?

Another reason your air might be blowing hot is a broken condenser or a condenser that has been blocked. If the condenser is broken it could have been punctured by a stick or a rock, anything that can be a hazard on the road. If it's blocked it might be full of dirt and it needs to being cleaned. It's also possible a larger piece of trash has gotten inside to block it as well. This is a problem you can easily check for, but if the condenser is broken you'll want to consult a professional. This way the mechanic can determine whether the most beneficial route is repairing the condenser or replacing it with a new one.

Could It Be The Refrigerant?

Low refrigerant is a common reason air will blow hot. There are two lines connecting the refrigerant to the condenser and either can become punctured which will cause the refrigerant to leak. If your hoses are old or have become disconnected, this can cause you to lose refrigerant. Be sure to have a professional check and refill the refrigerant levels.

Could It Be The Wires?

Your air conditioner is connected to your vehicle by wires. Over time, it's possible for these wires to become loose and the air to quit working properly. If you can figure out where the wires are loose, it is possible for you to tighten and reconnect them yourself.

Thankfully, all of these air conditioning malfunctions are pretty easy and inexpensive to fix. Rarely will it take a mechanic a significant amount of time to get your A/C back to blowing only cold air. Contact a service like Four-Twenty-Two Auto Wrecking for more information.