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How To Save Money On A Brake Job

by Cherly Fowler

Getting your brakes fixed after a collision is a costly but often necessary procedure. However, there are often ways to save money on a brake repair by being selective about which parts you choose to replace and which ones you keep. Here are some suggestions for reducing your collision repair bill when fixing your braking system. 

Make Sure You're Getting a Good Deal on Brake Pads

Some people insist on purchasing top dollar brake pads, and that's fine; the quality of your brake pads can affect how quickly the braking system is able to react to a stop. However, if you are planning to invest money into your brake pads, make sure that you're actually getting top quality pads. If you're getting them directly from your mechanic, inspect the box to make sure that they are name brand brake pads. A name brand set of brake pads should have the manufacturer's name clearly on the box. 

If, on the other hand, you don't mind having generic brake pads, you may ask to purchase your own, or purchase the shop's cheapest brake pads; just make sure you don't end up paying a high price for a generic brand. 

Consider Whether You Really Need New Calipers

The brake system's calipers are the part that squeezes the brake pads to the rotors. In many cases, the brake's calipers can be reused when you're getting a brake repair. This can save you hundreds of dollars on your brake job. If your mechanic suggests that you get new calipers, make sure there's a good reason behind it. For instance, if it's leaking fluid or isn't moving in a smooth motion with the system, then it's a good idea to replace them for maximum safety. 

Avoid Ceramic Brake Pads

Unless you do a lot of heavy driving and braking, then you probably don't need the more expensive ceramic pads. Check the type of brake pad that you had in the car before, and if they weren't ceramic to begin with, then you can safely sidestep the ceramics upgrade.

Although there are ways to save money on brake jobs, getting a great brake collision repair is very important. Faulty brakes can impact your safety quickly, so make sure that any cost-cutting measures you use aren't affecting your car's safety. Finding a great collision repair center is key to getting an affordable and safe brake repair; when you have a great mechanic, they will be straightforward with you about which parts really need to be replaced and which can safely go on to the next brake system. 

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