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Ready To Sell Your Used Car? The Easiest And Smartest Way To Do It

by Cherly Fowler

Are you ready to sell your car privately but you aren't sure how to market it, or how to get it ready? To get the top dollar for your automobile, there are some things you'll want to do, and you may have to spend a little bit of money to get the vehicle ready.

The marketing part is easy with all of the online classified ads, garage sale sites and social media options available today. But before you to start to let people know that the vehicle is for sale, do these things.

Things to Improve the Appearance

You can improve the appearance of the vehicle inside and out, which will help you get more money for the vehicle. You want people to comment on how clean and in what a good condition the vehicle is in. Do the following:

  • Wash and wax the exterior
  • Have scratches buffed out
  • Treat the tires
  • Have the interior professionally detailed
  • Replace the floor mats if needed

These different things will make the car look newer, will help to remove odors and soiling, and will show the buyer that you took the time to maintain the vehicle.

Items to Offer at the Viewing

The potential buyers can do a lot of digging to find out what the vehicle is worth and the vehicle's history, but you can make things easy. To show you aren't hiding anything, print off packets with this information to give each person who comes to look at the car:

  • Free VIN history report with the vehicle title and mileage history
  • Comparison report of same model vehicles that have sold in your area
  • Mechanical inspection and print off of last tune-up

With this information the buyer can see they are getting the car with the right amount of mileage, at a fair price, and a car that has had its oil changed. When you provide the buyers with this information they will see how you came up with your price, and you can let them know that the price is firm.

Wait to take pictures of the vehicle until it's washed and prepped, and when you market the car let the buyers know that you have the VIN report and mechanical inspection available for them to look at. If someone says that they want to buy the vehicle after driving it, insist that they put down a deposit so you don't stop showing the car and then the buyer falls through.