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Repairing A Rental Moving Truck For Optimal Performance: 3 Quick Inspections To Make To Prevent Engine From Overheating

by Cherly Fowler

Americans are highly mobile, with the average American moving at least once every 5 years. Knowing these numbers, operating a moving truck rental business can be quite profitable. Before signing off on the moving trucks that are being rented out, you'll want to either get yourself or an employee to make 3 quick inspections to check for common causes for overheating engines, which is a fairly common phenomenon during hot, summer months. If the engines overheat, there's a good chance that you'll have to send an employee out to retrieve the moving truck. On top of that, you'll have to pay for the repairs needed. Preventing the engines from overheating will be in the best interest of your business, and these 3 quick inspections are easy to do.

Inspect the Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is responsible for monitoring the engine temperature, and kickstarting the radiator fan of the cooling system once the temperature surpasses a certain degree. The sensor is usually found near the thermostat housing, and, more often than not, located under the thermostat cover.

To make sure that the sensor is functioning properly, disconnect the two wires connected to the sensor and touch them together. If this causes the radiator fan to start running, there's a good chance that the temperature sensor will need to be replaced. You should avoid renting the moving truck temporarily until the sensor is replaced by a professional mechanic.

Check Coolant Levels

Surprisingly, many moving truck rental companies do not thoroughly check fluid levels in the moving trucks before renting them out. The coolant is the fluid responsible for cooling the engine system. Simply pop open the hood to check the coolant level in the engine.

Make sure that the coolant level is near the maximum level recommended before handing the keys of the moving truck over to renters. If the coolant level is not close to the maximum recommended level, add more coolant. Make sure to never add coolant to a hot engine. If the truck was driven recently, you'll have to wait until the engine has cooled down before adding more coolant to avoid damaging the engine block.

Check the Fan Clutch

Quickly inspect the fan clutch before renting the moving truck out. The fan clutch is the part that holds the radiator fan to the engine. In particular, you'll want to inspect the condition of the springs that hold the fan clutch together. If there are signs of corrosion from years of wear, you should put off renting the moving truck until a professional mechanic takes a more in-depth look. The springs may need to be replaced.


Only renting out reliable moving trucks will also help preserve your business's image. As it's fairly easy for moving trucks to overheat, it's important to make these quick inspections before handing over the keys. In the event that you notice any issues, avoid driving the truck to prevent the problem from worsening. Instead, call a mobile truck repair company, and they'll come to you. 

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