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Answers To A Few Common Concerns About Auto Hail Damage Repairs

by Cherly Fowler

When powerful storms pass through your area, it is possible for your car to suffer extensive damages as a result of being pelted with hailstones. While it is possible for an experienced auto body repair specialist to restore your vehicle following this type of damage, you may not have much experience with having this work done. Therefore, the following few hail repair questions and answers will help you to be a better-informed car owner when it comes to these repairs.

Will Your Insurance Cover Hail Damage Repairs?

Having any type of repairs done to your car can be rather expensive. While insurance will often cover the repairs for this type of damage, it is important to note that only those with comprehensive policies will have coverage for this type of damage. However, the rules and regulations governing the deductibles, policy limits and other details can vary from one insurance provider to another. Therefore, you will need to contact your insurance agent to determine what type of coverage you should expect when you take your car for repairs.

Does The Car Have To Be Repainted Following These Repairs?

When you are needing to have hail damage repaired, it can be easy to assume that this will always involve repainting the damaged area of the vehicle. However, it may be possible to opt for paintless dent repair, which will allow you to avoid the need to have the car repainted.

When paintless dent repair is used, a technician will use a special tool that can pull the dents out of the auto body. This will allow the dents to be corrected without needing to resort to using body filler or hammering the dents out. However, the viability of paintless dent repair will vary based on the severity and location of the dents as well as whether the car's paint was damaged by the hail, and only an experienced auto body repair specialist will be able to determine if this is a suitable repair option.

What If You Skip Having The Car Repaired?

Some individuals will make the mistake of deciding to skip having these repairs made to their vehicles. While the hail dents may not seem like a serious problem, they can eventually cause serious issues for the car. For example, it is possible for the dents to weaken the paint by allowing small pools of water to gather. This can lead to corrosion as well as the paint flaking and peeling. By having the hail damage repaired as soon as possible, you can help to minimize the risk of your car developing these issues.